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The Linimo can be chartered from Fujigaoka Station to Ai・Chikuhaku Kinen Koen Station or Yakusa Station.
The fact it's a chartered service means it offers great advantages.
You can have fun to your heart's content, riding the only magnetically-elevated train in Japan!

The commentary on the Waku Waku Charter Linimo is only available in Japanese.

Waku Waku Charter Linimo Special Privileges

privileges 1
Although the Linimo usually operates unmanned, a crew member will join you and explain in an easy-to-understand way the wonderful features and secrets of the Linimo that can only be experienced onboard.
* Explanations will be given in Japanese only. Please bring your own interpreter.
privileges 2
During the journey, a demonstration of the Linimo's acclaimed rapid acceleration will be given revealing an acceleration performance 1.5 times that of a Shinkansen.
* The rapid acceleration demonstration may not be possible depending on the status of the trains ahead.
privileges 3
A demonstration of floating and landing, a characteristic unique to a magnetically-elevated train, will be given with the passengers onboard, so you can experience the moment it floats.
privileges 4
An exclusive brochure will be handed out in which a 1/50 scale side-on view of the Linimo appears when opened, and which contains all the fascinating aspects and technology of the Linimo.
* Only available in English and Japanese.

You have to get on it to see what it's like!
Waku Waku Charter Linimo experience!

Photo Gallery

Here are some photos showing what the charter experience is like.

Station and time of departure

  • Fujigaoka Station
  • 6, and 36 minutes past every hour
  • Journey time: 30 minutes

* The Linimo can be chartered between 11:06 and 16:36 on both weekdays and holidays.
* The Linimo may not be available for some periods according to train scheduling.


  • 38,480 yen

* Up to 104 persons. For groups of more than 104 persons, an additional fee of 370 yen per extra person will be charged.

Reservation / Inquiries

Reservation is required for using the Waku Waku Charter Linimo.
Download the form below, enter the required details and send it to us by e-mail.

The Waku Waku Charter Linimo application form must be entered in Japanese.

Running Campaign for Promotion of Linimo Use!

A Linimo novelty will be presented to every passenger on the Waku Waku Charter Linimo!
You won't know what you'll get until the day of the journey. Pick up your present from the station.
* Please understand that the campaign may end without notice.

Inquiries / Applications (Japanese only)

Inquiries / applications by e-mail
Inquiries by phone

Aichi Rapid Transit Co., Ltd.
General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department
10:00 to 17:00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays