Sightseeing spots

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Recommended sightseeing spots in the area

  • Kosenjo Park(Nagakute Old Battlefield)

    Kosenjo Park(Nagakute Old Battlefield)

    The only battle field where Hashiba Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu fought directly against each other on April 9, 1584.

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  • Toyota Automobile Museum

    Toyota Automobile Museum

    The Toyota Automobile Museum is a place where you can see Toyota automobiles on display and learn about the history. In addition to the permanent exhibits, special exhibitions are held several times a year.

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  • Aichi Expo Memorial Park

    Aichi Expo Memorial Park

    The site where Aichi Expo was held in 2005. There are various facilities to visit like Satsuki & Mei's House and Ai Chikyuhaku Kinenkan.

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  • Meito Art Museum

    Meito Art Museum

    The Collection mainly consists of modern Japanese paintings which are displayed by season and theme in the permanent exhibition hall.

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  • Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

    Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

    Besides the three exhibition halls, there are many things to see and do to make a day of it, such as trying your hand at simple pottery-making at the Ceramic Craft Studio, or visiting the tea house, restaurant and museum shop.

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  • Iroganeyama Historical Park

    Iroganeyama Historical Park

    Iroganeyama is the site where Tokugawa Ieyasu pitched camp with his army for the Battles of Komaki and Nagakute. Make your way over to the tea house and enjoy green tea served with a sweet (250 yen per serving).

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  • Nagakute Onsen Gozarasse

    Nagakute Onsen Gozarasse

    A day trip spa where you can spend a relaxing day unwinding body and mind.

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  • Agurin Mura

    Agurin Mura

    Located next to the Nagakute Onsen Gozarasse, Agurin Mura sells locally produced vegetables and holds bread making and armor crafting classes.

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